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History of Vostok Europe

The Vostok-Europe brand of watches debuted in 2004, aimed at the Western European market. These watches are assembled by the KoLiz-Vostok company of Vilnius.
The first Vostok Europe watches had Russian Vostok movements. Later, the company started using Japanese-made movements - and the company's Lunokhod-2 model was launched at 2012's BaselWorld trade show with a movement made by Switzerland's Soprod company which is part of the Festina Group.That model [a limited edition of 3,000] also had vertically mounted Swiss tritium tubes marking the hours and an automatic helium release valve - to equalise the pressure inside and outside the watch after dives.

Because of their materials and finish, Vostok Europe watches usually cost more at retail in Western Europe and the US than do Vostok watches made in Chistopol, which less closely reflect European and US watch design trends.

Although the company was Lithuanian, it presented its first range of five watches at 2004's BaselWorld to show off 'significant achievements of Soviet science and technology and were united by slogan Soviet Techno Design '. The company has since adopted other slogans including For going to extremes and Made for experts by experts.

Vostok Europe - Lunokhod

Vostok Europe - Anchor

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