Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Service Vostok 2214a / 2414a Movement

Here are a few shots of a recent service I performed on a hand wind 18 jewel 2214 movement from a nice Vostok watch:

The movement is conventional enough but has a few interesting features.
Here’s a shot of the dial side, the date ring is held in place with a substantial plate not the normal piece of tin and when mounted the date ring appears to be mounted on the outside of the movement.

Also note the date wheel indent, a small washer placed in a sprung slot…

This shows the depth of the plate:

Another interesting feature is this double 3rd wheel gear which drives the center seconds pinion.

I can only assume it’s made double to stop the stutter on the seconds hands due to the indirect drive.
Also I’ve not see this before an off set center wheel with ‘cannon pinion’ to facilitate hand setting.

The center wheel gear is jeweled at just one end in the winding bridge, arrowed below…

…and on the dial side you can see the other end straight into the main plate…no jewel, not even a bushing…

The wheel to the left (1) is the hand setting intermediate wheel and (2) is the sprung motion works drive wheel for the hour wheel and minute pinion.
Lastly here’s a low level shot of the gear train showing how the center wheel, 3rd wheel and seconds pinion integrate…